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Our symposium aims to foster debate, share high quality health research, and inform women and health professionals on new insight in the world of menopause.

About us

Welcome to the Menopause Symposium, where we foster debate, share high quality health research, and inform women and health professionals on new insight in the world of menopause.

Our symposium is a collaborative platform dedicated to enabling evidence based medicine, up to date menopause care provision, and creating a supportive community around the multifaceted aspects of menopause. In recognizing menopause as a profound life phase, we strive to go beyond the biological aspects and address the broader challenges that women may face.


Menopause matters, and our symposium is driven by the belief that informed discussions and shared experiences can lead to positive changes in how we perceive and approach women’s health. Our sessions are interactive to enable open discussions among menopause specialists. By bringing together diverse voices and expertise, we create a space where everyone can learn, share, and contribute to a collective pool of wisdom.


Our symposium covers a spectrum of topics, from the physiological changes during menopause to holistic approaches for managing symptoms. We aim to equip women with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health, fostering confidence and resilience during this transformative phase.

We welcome your suggestions, comments, and requests to cover any specific topic on the diagnosis and managment of menopause.

Our Mission

Share Knowledge

Foster debate

Promote Evidence-Based Menopause care provision

About Hosts

Mr Bassel H.Al Wattar, MD, PGD, MRCOG, PhD

Mr Wattar is an Associate Professor of Reproductive Medicine and a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and an RCOG accredited Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine at the Beginnings Assisted Conception Unit at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals in London.

Mr Wattar has a special interest in Endocrine Gynaecology and leads a dedicate clinic in south London for women with PCOS, ovulatory disorders, menstrual irregularities, and complex menopause health needs. 

He leads several Research Groups at University College London and Anglia Ruskin University which is focused on delivering high quality research to address the health needs of women and their families

Dr Vikram Talaulikar, MD, MRCOG, PhD

Dr Talaulikar is an Associate Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospitals and an Hon. Associate Professor in Women’s Health at the University College London.

Dr Talaulikar has advanced clinical expertise in the field of reproductive endocrinology, PCOS, ovulation induction, recurrent miscarriage, and menopause.

He run dedicated clinics for women with premature ovarian insufficiency, Turner syndrome, and early menopause. He published widely on several topics related to Menopause health and is passionate integrating top quality evidence into clinical practice. 

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